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BPMC (Fenobucarb)

If there is one popular pesticide that is ideal for plant hopper, it is BPMC (Fenobucarb). This insecticide is used worldwide for controlling plant hopper in rice and cotton crop. It falls in the category of carbamate insecticide. The most salient features of this chemical is that it is either pale yellow or pale red in color and is in liquid form but insoluble in water. Although it is quite beneficial in farming, it can be highly toxic for humans.

Since there has been agricultural expansion in many countries like Vietnam, the usage of agrochemicals has been drastically increased. Today, no one pays heed to the negative impact of such agricultural activity on aquatic resources of the area. The usage of these chemicals has resulted in acute and sub-acute effects on different living beings.

On the whole, BPMC (Fenobucarb) has a low mammalian toxic carbamate which has a strong impact on plant hoppers and leaf hoppers – pests of rice. This works just like a contact poison and the results are evident shortly. Apart from fast killing action, it has a fairly long residual action as well. However, it is not harmful to the crop and has no effect on pollination insects. The best part about BPMC (Fenobucarb) is that it can kill the insects in winter. This chemical is massively used when there are blacktail rice hoppers which easily survive from organic phosphorous pesticides. Furthermore, it prevents paddy borers, cotton leaf hoppers and has some effect on the insects of vegetables, fruit trees and tea. These days it is considered to be the most common spraying agent used.

It is believed that ingestions and other types of exposures to BPMC (Fenobucarb) can have a negative side effect. This can be diagnosed from various symptoms which differ in terms of their types and their severity. The nature of exposure and the amount of chemical involved plays a pivotal role in determining the side effect. The most common symptoms include skin irritation, eye irritation, sweating, dizziness and malaise.

The usage of BPMC (Fenobucarb) calls for extra care. It is advised not to mix this chemical with other basic pesticides. Propanil should not be used within ten days before or after BPMC (Fenobucarb) is sprayed. Those who wish to harvest their crops should wait for three weeks after the spray has been done. The chemical should be placed in cool dry place and is better to keep general rules of application in mind when spraying it on the crops.

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