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Paraldehyde is a medicine that falls in the category of barbiturates. This medicine is usually prescribed in a hospital setting when the patient is suffering from extreme anxiety or convulsions. Special care has to be taken when using this medicine as it can have severe side effects if not used it in the right way. This is the reason why doctors feel reluctant to prescribe this medicine and take extra precautions to protect the patients on the drug. People who use paraldehyde at their homes are given extra instructions related to its usage and get this in sterile glass ampules.

In the past, paraldehyde was most commonly used in the treatment of those patients who had developed convulsions due to alcohol withdrawal. Furthermore, it was also used for the patients who were suffering from distress and agitation. These days, it is easily available in formulas for rectal and injectable use. Doctors never prescribe paraldehyde to patients who have gastrointestinal, liver and lung problems. The lungs and liver are believed to be an active agent in metabolizing the medication. Therefore, it is not advised to overload the organs that are already under stress.

Some people have experienced ulcers and other related problems when using this drug because it tends to stress the intestinal tract. The most common side effects of this drug are dizziness, nausea, stomach pains and drowsiness. It is very important to inform such issues to the doctor as they are considered to be a warning sign of a bad reaction. Some patients experience strong odor on their breath when they take the medicine. This condition is quite normal and there is nothing to be worried about.

The patients who stop taking paraldehyde usually experience withdrawal symptoms which include convulsions, hallucinations and excessive sweating. If you are experiencing any of these issues, you must consult the doctor at once. The doctor will later determine whether there is a need of additional treatment or not. Sometimes, additional medication is required to balance out such withdrawal symptoms.

Paraldehyde is just one of the medical treatments which doctors consider for treating extreme anxiety issues. Doctors evaluate the patient’s case and then recommend the best treatment. People who have a history of bad reactions on the usage of this drug should notify the doctor beforehand. They should further tell the doctor about any existing medication they are undergoing so that he can check for potential reaction. Doctors usually recommend taking paraldehyde with either juice or milk to control the stomach irritation.

The brain and the nerves are made up of uncountable nerve cells that use electric signals to communicate with each other. The brains and nerves function properly only when these signals are regulating in the right manner. At any time the system is disrupted, the brain becomes over stimulated which results in seizures or fits.

Gamma amino butyric acid is a special chemical known as neurotransmitter. When this chemical is released in the brain, it tends to act as a calming agent that also assist in keeping the nerve activity well balanced. When level of GABA in the brain is reduced, it causes overstimulation. The main purpose of Paraldehyde is to prevent chemicals passing through the openings of the nerve cells. It increases the effects of gamma amino butyric acid (GABA) and reduces the effect of other chemicals like glutamate that tend to stimulate nerve activity.

The usage of paraldehyde stabilizes the entire nerve activity in the brain and plays an important role in keeping the overall brain function smooth. An individual is prevented from having fits and seizures as well. All in all, it relieves a person from anxiety and tension.

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