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Sodium Percarbonate

Sodium percarbonate is a combination of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. For this reason, many chemists prefer to call it a perhydrate. This chemical is a solid, water soluble and colorless crystalline product. Since it contains hydrogen peroxide, it acts as a potent oxidizing agent and is used mostly in the manufacture of cleaning products such as bleaches. In scientific fields, sodium percarbonate can also be used as a source of anhydrous hydrogen peroxide.

Sodium percarbonate is made through a chemical process involving a reaction between sodium carbonate and the oxidizing agent hydrogen peroxide. Once the compound is formed, it can then be crystallized into the final product. An alternative means of preparing sodium percarbonate is by mixing dry sodium carbonate with a solution of concentrated hydrogen peroxide.

The most prevalent use of sodium percarbonate is as a cleaning agent. The oxidizing effect of the hydrogen peroxide contained within this product means that it can be used as bleach. Some common products that contain sodium percarbonate as the active ingredient include such bleaches as OxiClean and also the laundry detergent Tide. Sodium percarbonate is widely considered to be the one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning agents, mainly because it contains no harmful chemicals such as phosphorous.

As with most other oxidizing agents, sodium percarbonate has the potential to cause irritation, and should therefore be handled prudently. For instance, if you handle large amounts of the product using bare hands, it could react with moisture in your hands and cause the production of hydrogen peroxide, which causes burns. For this reason, one should always be very careful when handling it.

This means you should always use gloves if you are handling the product. Ideally, one should ensure that all the parts of their body are covered if they are going to be exposed to this product a lot, such as when working in a factory that packages the sodium percarbonate. It is also a good idea to ensure that you always have a mask when handling the product. Inhalation of amounts of sodium percarbonate could lead to production of hydrogen peroxide within your lungs and trachea, which would irritate the mucosal lining of such areas. This could lead to such conditions as bronchitis.

For virtually the same reason, storage of sodium percarbonate should be done carefully. One should especially be careful when storing the product in an environment with children. For instance, if you use a product containing sodium percarbonate in your laundry, it may be a good idea to keep it in an area that is out of reach of children.

There are many reasons why one would want to buy sodium percarbonate, and the major one would be to make bleach as has been mentioned above. This product can be bought from many manufacturers. It’s much cheaper to buy the product in bulk, as this makes use of economies of scale to ensure that the cost is reduced. If you are buying in bulk, the mode of transport can greatly affect the cost at which you get the product, and so this needs to be considered carefully.

In summary, sodium percarbonate is a chemical that is very important and relevant to today’s society, as it’s one of the most important cleaning agents known to man. For this reason, trading in sodium percarbonate can be a very good source of income, as it’s relatively secure when compared to other forms of trade. Online purchase of the chemical is one way to reduce the cost of getting this product, but this needs to be considered carefully as has been explained above. Apart from being relatively cheap when bought online, online purchase also has the added benefit that you can easily find and compare different vendor without spending too much time or effort. This can go a long way in helping you find the best vendor selling sodium percarbonate.

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